The 4-Step Process

Getting the most out of your call with a Resume Writer

Getting to Know You

Knowing your professional goals and experience is critical to the game plan and we walk you through every step of the process from beginning to end. Once you decide to hire us, we will schedule a time for a personalized and thorough telephone consultation to get to know you and your career goals better. This initial consultation will last approximately 30-60 minutes. We will ask about your goals for your career, positions and/or companies of interest, your employment history—and your passions, talents, and interests. When we finish this call you’ll have a good idea of the resume strategy we’re going to use. Turnaround times vary, but typically 1 to 2 weeks.

Resume Creation & Collaboration

Our goal is that no two resumes ever look or sound alike. This is usually very easy since you have your own unique story and background. Once your telephone consultation is complete we’ll put together all the information and start the resume writing and development process. If we have any questions we’ll call or e-mail you to clarify. If you recall anything after the consultation that you feel is important to the development of the resume, please feel free to e-mail or call your writer as soon as you can, and we’ll be sure to incorporate it into the resume. Once your writer finishes the proof it goes to the editor for proofreading—an expert who ensures flawless content/text.

Preparing for the in-depth consult | Getting the most out of your call with a Resume Writer

  • Plan in-advance..
    • Put aside 1 hour to think of General Questions on Process, Turnaround Time, and Expectations.
    • Review ALL job postings that you sent, in-detail. Pay particular to the words, vernacular, and verbiage they use to describe their ideal candidate and speak to me using these terms as much as possible.
    • Think of anything we can quantify throughout your work history. This may be the number of staff you managed (directly and dotted line reports), the size of team you work with on a daily basis, examples of meeting or exceeding performance expectations, sales goals, KPIs, metrics, or customer service/retention rates. Think outside the box here, and get creative (not by making up fake numbers) but consider all of the areas where you can put a number to. How much did you save the company each year? How many customers did you serve each day?
    • At the end of the call, I will open the floor to you to speak on anything you want. By the time I go through my questions, chances are, your points will be addressed.
  • Try to answer my questions directly. At the point when we talk, I have spent at least 1 hour researching and preparing for our call, and know EXACTLY what content is needed to optimize your resume and get you the most callbacks and opportunities. HOWEVER, feel free to share anything you feel is relevant and related to what I ask.
  • Is there a specific format you want? Some clients have paid for a template in-advance (we do NOT recommend, but can accommodate) or maybe you found one online you really like? Let me know so I can either copy the format or at least, emulate it (something similar).
  • Is there a specific color scheme you want? Over 95% of our clients let us determine color schemes, but certainly share if you have a preference in black & white or any combination of colors. Otherwise, we’ll handle all that based on best practices, client feedback, industry, and experience level.
  • Is there a specific style you want? Ove 95% of our clients do not have a preference here and leave it up to us, but some clients prefer a more traditional approach to the styling and content (most seen as the “industry standard,” less creative, less stylish, universal fonts, more straightforward and direct). Some clients prefer a more modern approach (bolder, possibly brighter, newer fonts, more creative, more visuals).
  • Do you have ANY other expectations that we should be aware of OR consider when writing? Most clients just let us work our magic, but please share any concerns.
  • All of our clients receive custom-written resumes. We do not use templates or software or outsourcing. With that in mind, we will format the resume in a manner which will best support your skills, accomplishments, and achievements. (We are very talented at this!). We are power writers and will use a lot of “power phrases” throughout the resume, with the sole intent of catching the intention of a hiring manager. We feel our purpose, as your writer, is to get you an interview, using only writing. Keep in mind, we want you to be happy with the final result!

Resume Review & Editing

We’ll send you a Word document proof of the resume for you to review when it is ready. Take your time to review the resume thoroughly and note any changes you’d like to have made. We edit every day Monday-Friday and can often have your revisions completed and back for your review within 24-48 hours. Then we’ll make the changes and send the documents back for your review and approval. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with the final product!


After you review and approve the changes, we’ll complete one final proofread, finalize the documents, and send them to you in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. You can custom build the package you need to fit your career goals. If you need professional recommendations, just ask!

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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